Small Sticker Fitting Instructions

Wall Sticker Fitting Instructions

A useful YOUTUBE video showing how to apply WALL STICKERS Although this isn't our video this is the method we use.

Cold Weather Fitting Instructions

There are a few things to note when applying vinyl as the temperature begins to drop.

When you receive your sticker, it is very likely that it has been sitting in the back of a delivery van for a day or two. It is important to acclimate the sticker before applying it. To acclimate the sticker, let it rest until it comes back up to room temperature. Trying to stick the vinyl before it does comes to room temperature can cause issues.

The temperature of the surface where the vinyl is being applied should also be taken into consideration when applying your sticker. Adhesives don't like hot/cold temperatures and applying your sticker to hot/cold surfaces (hot/cold wall or car window/body) can cause the adhesive to be less sticky. Applying vinyl to a hot/cold surface can create a risk of the sticker not sticking properly.