What surface can Wall Stickers be applied to?

All of our stickers can be applied to any clean and smooth flat surface including walls, windows, mirrors, doors, floors, metal, laptops and even your wheelie bins.

How do you apply Wall Stickers?

We use the latest technology to make the application process easy as 1-2-3. Simply cut, peel and apply.

What material are the stickers made of and how durable is it?

All of our stickers are produced using high quality vinyls that will last over 5 years if used properly and untouched.

Can Wall Stickers be removed? 

Yes, our stickers can be removed by simply peeling them off. But be more careful and peel slowly if you are peeling stickers that have been on a surface for a long period of time, We recommend warming the sticker up with a hairdryer before doing so.

Do you do custom sizes?

Yes we do, for custom sizes please contact us at admin@southcoastdesigns.co.uk for more details and price quote.

How do I remove bubbles that may appear during application?

During the application process some air may be trapped between the Vinyl and the surface creating tiny bubbles, to get rid of this simply use a pin to prick the bubble.

Where do you ship to?

We ship to UK mainland postcodes only 


The following information will help you avoid problems with the sticking up of your stickers. Be assured we have not had problems with our products quality. This information is to help you avoid creating a problem that can cause your wall sticker not to adhere correctly. Nearly all problems with not sticking are related to the wall surface itself or when the wall is not prepared properly rather than the actual stickers themselves.

There are number events that can interfere with the adhesion of the stickers:

If you have recently repainted the wall, you need to wait about six weeks, especially in winter as paint drying time increases, before you can put anything on to the surface. This is because the drying process of paint is really evapouration of the solvents in the paint itself. These solvents will find their way into the adhesive on the stickers and render the “stick” ineffective.
we recommend cleaning of walls before sticking up the product; we suggest you use a product like sugar soap or something similar to get rid of the grime that builds up over time in even the cleanest of households. Then all of the soap must be cleaned and rinsed away.
Make sure it is really dry & dust free before applying stickers.
Another problem is trying to put stickers on to painted surfaces that have “Teflon”, “silicone” or similar additives to make them “wash and wear“. Quite properly, these paints have been designed for things not to stick to them to make them easy to clean.